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2024 Richard Bronson Scholarships

The North Dakota Grocers Association will award several scholarships for the academic year, beginning this fall. Each $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the children of full-time employees as well as part-time employees who are full-time students.


2024 High School Seniors, Current College Students, and
Post-High School Graduates

  1. High School graduate:
    • Student is a full or part time employee OR whose parents are full time employees of a dues paying NDGA Member
  2. Current College Students Working for a Dues Paying NDGA member will get priority selection.
    • College students whose parents work for a Dues paying NDGA member will be considered.
  3. Post-High School graduate who is working at a NDGA Dues paying member

NOTE: The applicants or the parents of applicants must still be employed by a DUES PAYING NDGA member firm at the time the winners are announced.

Scholarships must be completed online and submitted by March 22, 2024

Fill Out Online Application HERE:

Download PDF Application:
2023 Scholarship Winners

The NDGA Richard Bronson Scholarship fund has awarded $34,000 worth of scholarships since 2017. These scholarships went to 34 students who worked for a NDGA member Retailer or Associate Vendor.

Funding for our scholarship program has come primarily from the annual golf outing and silent auction. Early this year the NDGA Board voted to establish the NDGA Richard Bronson Scholarship fund – a 501c3 tax exempt corporation. Any donations to this NDGA Scholarship fund are fully deductible to individuals and businesses. NDGA is looking to expand our scholarship outreach to include:

  • Current high school seniors (Scholarship 1 – existing program)
  • Current college students working in our industry (Scholarship 2)
  • Post-high school graduate currently working in our industry (Scholarship 3)

Scholarship 1 has been used for the past five years and will continue, Scholarships 2 & 3 are new and can be used by retailers and Associate Vendors to reward and/or promote current employees by providing funds for furthering their education.

NDGA is also aware of the ongoing labor situation facing retailers and vendors alike. At a two-day board meeting fall of 2020, the board identified programs that could be used to attract and retain employees:

  1. Partnerships between NDGA and businesses to grow their workforce in high-need areas such as refrigeration, IT, and transportation to name a few.
  2. Retail Management Certificate program: employers can offer this online course to current employees to enhance their managerial skills.

The North Dakota Grocers Association Board of Directors are requesting that you consider making a tax-free donation to the NDGA Scholarship. We will use this money to expand our current program to the benefit of Retailers, Associate Vendors, and your employees. Please contact NDGA with any comments or questions you may have.

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