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NDGA represents our industry at the local, state, and federal level. We do this by being informed on the issues, and we not only respond to them, but we are proactive in getting our message to our elected officials.

Become a Member

The benefits and services that membership provides:

Legislative Service

You are represented at all state and national legislative sessions.


Receive the latest information concerning news of interest to grocers.


Be an official liaison on matters that come up between members and state and federal offices of government.


Be an official spokesman representing members before the Milk Stabilization Board, the Labor Department, and Workmen’s Compensation.

Public Relations

Attend meetings, be a guest speaker telling the retailer’s story, and defending him when the occasion arises.

Annual Convention

Bring to the retailer the latest information and know-how, and expose him to the latest in supplies and equipment through exhibit booths and workshops.

Coupon Processing Center

Allow members to send in manufacturers coupons for processing. The association makes advance payment to grocers for manufacturers as soon as coupons are processed. The manufacturer in turn reimburses the association once coupons have been cleared for payment.

National Grocers Association (NGA)

Retail Grocers join the NGA on a direct basis. North Dakota Grocers Association belongs on a due paying basis also. In today’s business world, cooperation at local, state, and national levels is greatly needed, and only by active participation by you can your state and national associations help.

NGA Information

Membership includes personnel training aids, congressional reports, management letters, general information reports, labor information service, tax information services, financial, planning, sanitation letter, merchandising letters, and wage-hour regulation service.

Advisory Services

You will gain access to personal services to members on any phase of their operation within legal limits.

NDGA Richard Bronson Scholarship Program

This program provides scholarship opportunities to graduating high school seniors who work at or whose parent/guardian work at any NDGA member company.

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