Coupon Processing Resources

Save money – let the North Dakota Grocers Coupon Service help!

In this day of high interest rates, is your store reaping the benefits and keeping your capital working for you? The North Dakota Grocers Association Coupon Redemption Service returns thousands of dollars to grocers in North Dakota, South Dakota and surrounding states annually. With over 20 years of coupon processing experience, the North Dakota Grocers Coupon Redemption Center is the first redemption center in the nation to provide (instant cash) face value for your manufacturer's coupons. We pay faster than any other clearing house in the country.

You make one get one check.

Get on the Association Services Bandwagon. Sign up for the coupon redemption service or write to us for full information. Just a hint to old as well as new coupon service members – be sure to include your store's name and address in the package with the coupon.

Important – box and bundle your coupons!

Send Standard Insured or by United Parcel Service to:
North Dakota Grocers Association
200 East Main Avenue, Suite 101
Bismarck, ND 58501

Questions regarding Coupon Processing & Service?
Call 1-888-616-8397 and ask for: