Coupon Processing Information

Dear Grocer Friend:

We would like to extend to you, an invitation to use our North Dakota Grocers Association Coupon Processing Center.

I am sure you are aware of the headaches, frustrations and time consuming efforts needed to process coupons on an individual basis. In addition, I am sure you are aware of the bookwork needed to ship to some 500 different companies and then wait from five weeks to six months for your money.

Our efficient office staff is bonded. Coupons received in our office are fully insured. This is our 40th year of processing coupons for grocers. Currently, we are processing coupons for grocers from North Dakota, South Dakota and approximately 325 grocers from other states. We will be processing over 10 million coupons this year, at present volume, and we can efficiently handle your coupons regardless of how small or large your store.

Why don’t you try us once and see how we will free the money you have tied up in coupons, and put it to work in the store where it belongs. To get started, please open the following files and print, fill out, sign and send back to us:

Box or Bundle your coupons and send 1st Class Insured, Standard or United Parcel Service to:

North Dakota Grocers Association
71 1st Ave SW
PO Box 96
Moffit, ND 58560



John "Jiggs" Dyste

Questions regarding Coupon Processing & Service?
Call 701-223-4106 and ask for:

  • Pam Towne (email: